Band Bio

Trailer Park Princess

We are Trailer Park Princess, nice to finally meet you.

Trailer Park Princess grew from the ashes of the illustrious, indignible Tarantula Pants. Although few members of the aforementioned band survived the tragic plane crash, the Evahlovin’ Jones and Mister Paul Dawson emerged from the ashes like a Phoenix from the depth of the night and then joined by Tripp Mathis, Anna-Kate Mathis, T-Bone, Scott Vernon and Mister Dre Edmonson. Trailer Park Princess soon became an underground staple of the bars you probably go to.

“Going to a Trailer Park Princess show is like having a whole bucket of rock ‘n’ roll thrown in your face. It is a conceptual band that strings together its songs to tell a post-apocalyptic Armageddon tale, set in a fictional, supernatural trailer park in Fort Worth.” – Steve Watkins from


Pending the release of their debut album “Throwing Rocks at Children”, Trailer Park has re-doubled, yeaa we say, re-trippled the efforts to bring audiences a re-enjected, intergalactic Funk-Salsa-Country-PunkAss-In Yo’ Momma’s face Fusion of the best kept secret in Fort Worth.


Paulie AKA Paulie D on voice and harmonica, Evahlovin’ Jones on Guitar, FACE AKA Joshua Stettler on bass guitar, Nathaniel Lamers on guitar and Jax on drums & percussion now make up the entourage that is the Trailer Park Princess. So come to our shows excited and if you have a friend, bring her sister. She will not regret the decision, fore we are Trailer Park Princess! UNITE!


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